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Mathematics Department

About Department

The Department of Mathematics was established in the year of 2002 with UG Programme. The Master Degree Programme was started in the year 2005 and the M.Phil Research Programme offered from 2009 onwards. The Department is known for its innovative way of teaching Mathematics courses to students of different mathematics disciplines.

The faculties of the Department of mathematics are competent who work tirelessly to help students to learn the basics along with the advanced areas in the domain of Mathematics. The students are educated with a strong foundation in Mathematics, enabling them to become top-notch scholars and scientists of the future society.


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Courses Offered


Our Vision

  • To enhance the performance level in different fields of mathematical sciences to produce distinguished outputs at the regional level in teaching mathematics, scientific research, and constructive interaction with the community.


Our Mission

  • To develop analytical and logical skills for problem solving.
  • To train the students for interdisciplinary applications and research.
  • To build life skills through Value-Based education and service-oriented programs.
  • To create a positive work environment that fosters effective teaching and constructive interaction with the community.



To provide stimulating mathematical experiences that will bolster their future careers , whether that be the application of mathematics in practical contexts or contributions to the mathematical profession through teaching, productive scholarship and active participation in professional organizations

  • To acquire knowledge in functional areas of Mathematics and apply in all the fields of learning.
  • To recognise the need for life long learning and demonstrate the ability to explore some mathematical content independently.
  • Employ mathematical ideas encompassing logical reasoning ,analytical, numerical ability , theoretical skills to model real-world problems and solve them.
  • To develop critical thinking ,creative thinking, self confidence for eventual success in career.
  • To analyze , interpret solutions and to enhance their Entrepreneurial skills, Managerial skill and leadership
  • To prepare the students to communicate mathematical ideas effectively and develop their ability to collaborate both intellectually and creatively in diverse contexts.
  • Rewarding careers in Education, Industry, Banks, MNCs and pursue higher Identify the area of interest for extended learning from the understanding gained.

Course Outcomes

  • Maintain a core of mathematical and technical knowledge that is adaptable to changing technologies and provides a solid foundation for extended learning.
  • Identify the applications of Mathematics in other disciplines and society. Develop an in-depth knowledge in Mathematics appreciating the connections between theory and its applications.
  • Demonstrate their mathematical modeling ability, problem solving skills, creative talent and power of communication necessary for various kinds of employment.
  • Develop mathematical aptitude and the ability to think abstractly.
  • Learn independently and improve ones performance.
  • Students are equipped to appear competitive examinations.

Faculty Details

Dr.A.Rameshkumar M.Sc ., M.Phil., Ph.D., B.Ed., M.B.A , PGDCA

Dean of Academic

Dr K.CHITRA - M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D

Assistant Professor And Head

Ms. S.DEVI – M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., PGDCA

Assistant Professor

Mr. D.SASIREKHA - M.Sc., M.Phil.,.,(Ph.D).,

Assistant Professor

Ms. S.SANGEETHA – M.Sc.,B.Ed.,

Assistant Professor

Mrs.E.Maragathambal M.Sc., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor