The institutional Strategic and Perspective plan

Strategy planning plays a vital role in the institutional growth. Our institution is implementing method strategic planning. Planning process in which various strategic methodologies and are implemented in the form of decision-making and allocation of resources for maximizing the success with well planned actions.

List of perspective / strategic plans

  • Efficient teaching
  • Participative management
  • Constant Internal Quality & assurance System
  • Ensuring effective governance
  • Employees advancement & Welfare
  • Our college offers an excellent Mentoring system.
  • The mentors ensures that their mentees Mentor system makes the Bridge between teachers and students.
  • Mentors communicate with fellow faculty to help their mentees.
  • Mentors acts as a role model and facilitates leadership by developing interpersonal skills.


  • Excelling in teaching learning process
  • Empowering students in pride activities
  • Enhance Research capacities and outcomes
  • Extending collaborations and capacity building efforts
  • Expanding opportunities for social services
  • Strengthening alumni relations