Code of Conduct for the Students


  1. Every student should obey the rules and regulations of the college.
  2. Every student ensures do not make any disturbance to the class work, Library, Laboratory, Canteen, Hostel and Buses to their fellow students and others.
  3. The students should attend the class, functions and other activity of the college well in time.
  4. The students should come to the college with decent dress code.
  5. During the class hours students are not permitted to loiter in veranda.
  6. No students shall take part in political, communal, religions activities in the college premises.
  7. No meeting, function (or) gathering of any kind shall be held within the college campus without getting prior permission from the principal.
  8. Students should keep the college smoke free campus. The students who are found using drugs / in a drunken stage / influence of drugs will be summarily dismissed from the college.
  9. Eve-teasing and ragging are strictly prohibited. The students found guilty of these crimes will be dismissed from the college as per UGC norms.
  10. Every student should handle the college property with utmost care. Damage caused to the college property will be charged to concern students. If the students responsible for the damage could not be identified, the damage cost will be charged to all the students.
  11. Writing (or) scribbling on the walls, floors, furniture, (or) any part of the college building is strictly prohibited. The students not throw the paper or spilling on the floors.
  12. The students should park their vehicles only in the place allotted for that purpose.
  13. As per the provision of Tamilnadu education rules, the principal has full power as inflict punishments such as imposition of fines, suspension and expulsion.
  14. Those students have the required percentage of attendance only permitted to appear the university semester examination.
  15. Wearing ID-card is mandatory to enter the college.
  16. All the students should remit their semester, examination and other academic fees well in advance as per the circular given by the college.