Student centric methods

2.3.1 – Student centric methods, such as experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies are used for enhancing learning experiences

The institution involves in a student centric method such as experiential learning , participative learning and problem solving methods are used for enhancing the student learning experience. The experiential learning provides a chance to pursuing higher education and research.

Collaborative learning

It provides the frameworks ,active participation and interactive dialogue. It is achieved through group discussion and brainstorming activities.

Contributive learning

It is possible through self study, group learning, guest lecture ,seminars, workshops, symposium, conferences, hands-on training etc.,

Experiential learning

It makes learning and experience that moves beyond the classroom and strives to bring a more interest in enhancing the students learning experience.

Participatory learning

It engages students as active participants in the full life cycle of homework, projects and examination.

Problem solving method

It helps to identify the nature of problem and giving the solution.This can be achieved through PPT, blackboard, video lecturing etc..,

Curriculum based learning

It ensures the student centric learning and enhances their skills through examinations andpracticals. Apart from curriculum , co curricular and extra curricular activities also raises their performance and professional skills.