Sensitization of students

Our institution adops human values and professional ethics.It ensures the sensitization of students and employees towards the values,rights, duties and responsibilities. We provide a free and open learning environment for self learning, intellectual growth and high quality individuals. The learners are free to choose what to learn, how to learn, when to learn and where to learn. Our institute is equipped with self-learning modules and material to make this learning process effective. We cultivate critical thinking, creativity and joy in lifelong learning.
We celebrate Independence day and Republic day to highlight the importance of patriotism, to respect our nation, National flag and National anthem. We also celebrates national leaders birthdays like Gandhi, Kamarajar, etc..,
The institution organised Blood Donation camp and Medical camp to create awareness among the students to emphasize the need and importance of blood donation. The students are motivated and guided to become a good citizens of India. The institution offers courses on human values, professional ethics through human rights, yoga for human excellence, women’s rights and Indian constitution.