Performance Appraisal System

Our Institution recruits the teaching and non teaching staff based on the minimum qualifications and regulations prescribed by the Bharathiar University to maintain the quality in higher education. The performance appraisal is evaluated after the completion of academic year. It is taken for the success and development of the employees as well as Institution.

Teaching Staff

  • Performance Based Framework (PBAF) is used to evaluate the performance of staff.
  • It is the basis for promotions.
  • Besides academy, the institute undertakes a wide variety of activities for which faculty members are assigned additional duties and responsibilities, most of which are voluntary.
  • The faculty member’s PBAF performance is reviewed and confirmed by the external academic expert and confirmed by the Heads of Institution.
  • Based on the ranking in the assessment, faculty members are recommended to be given incentives.

Non-teaching staff

All non teaching employees are also evaluated by means of annual confidential reports the annual performance evaluation. The various criteria for staff members measured in different categories i.e department skills, work ability, reliability, technical skills, relationship and cooperation with superiors etc.,

The entire assessment is based on the HODs rising grade, which is then forwarded to the Principal.