IT facilities

4.3.1 – Institution frequently updates its IT facilities including Wi-Fi

The Information and communication technology ( ICT) tools are used to support, enhance and optimize the learning process of our college.It is effectively delivered along with the traditional mode of teaching instruction. The following tools are used.

  • Adequate systems are available in computer lab and department.
  • Printers, scanners and copier machines are available in the work place.
  • Seminar hall is equipped with adequate facilities.
  • Auditorium is equipped with Mic, Speakersand Projector.
  • Online classes are conducted through Zoom and Google meet

Benifits of ICT by faculty

  • Teachers utilize ICT tools for effective teaching – learning management systems (LMS) .
  • They also adopt ICT tools like computer, internet, Head set, projector, etc.

Virtual interaction of students and teachers through Blog, portal and discussion forum. Students are motivated to participate in academic activities using ICT facilities.