Code of conduct for the principal

The Principal should

  • Be a dynamic and democratic administrator.
  • Be punctual and sincere in work.
  • Monitor all activities of the College efficiently and effectively.
  • Convene council meetings periodically to take decisions regarding college activities.
  • Have control over the maintenance of College properties.
  • Be interested in introducing new courses related to the need of the hour and in upgrading the Departments.
  • Encourage the Departments to organize conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Be impartial and maintain cordial relationship with the staff members.
  • Give academic freedom to the staff.
  • Acknowledge the academic excellence of the staff.
  • Treat the staff with due respect.
  • Facilitate good rapport between the management and the staff.
  • Listen to and redress the grievances of students, staff and parents.
  • Insist on discipline, punctuality and accountability of the students and the staff.
  • Focus on the required efforts for the placement of the students in reputed companies.